Past pupil of Coláiste Muire becomes Macra na Feirme President

The results of the Macra na Feirme Presidential and Vice-Presidential elections were announced in the Irish Farm Centre, Dublin on April 15th.

Alan Jagoe, a 28 year old dairy, beef and tillage farmer from Carrigaline Co. Cork, who has been a member of Carrigaline Macra club for nine years, and is currently Macra na Feirme President of Seandun was declared the 33rd Macra na Feirme National President.

Alan is a past pupil of Coláiste Muire and his election is a source of great pride in the school.

Macra na Feirme was founded in 1944 by Stephen Cullinan, a rural science teacher. The organisation’s original purpose was to provide young farmers with adequate training to ensure their livelihood and to provide an outlet for socialising in rural areas.

Macra na Feirme was adopted as the official title of the organisation in December 1946. ‘Macra’ means stalwarts or the elite and ‘na Feirme’ means of the land.

Over 250,000 young people have passed through the ranks of Macra na Feirme. Much has changed since those early days; young people have different priorities now and need new challenges, which Macra today tries to provide.

Currently Macra na Feirme has 9,000 members in 300 clubs. Approximately one-third of Macra members are involved in farming, with males making up 60% of the membership and females 40%.

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