Colaiste Muire Students win Young Scientist

Congradulations to Thomas Cronin, Dylan Coss and Jeremy Barisch-Rooney, Transition-Year students of Coláiste Muire who won the best group award at the BT Young Scientist for 2011
Young Scientest Winners
This piece from the Irish Times:

“The best group project award went to Thomas Cronin, Dylan Coss and Jeremy Barisch-Rooney of Coláiste Muire, Crosshaven, Co Cork. They are bringing wind-turbine electricity generation to the people, developing methods to produce working turbines from discarded junk. They used a scrapped bicycle as the foundation of their system and then designed an alternator that can produce up to 200 volts of power. All of the electrical wiring and magnets needed to make the system were recovered from abandoned cars and other sources.

They produced easy-to-copy designs for turbine blades, made either of cut plastic pipes or from timber. All of the materials needed to build the portable wind turbine were readily available as scrap in the developing world, the students said. The most important scrap was wire and magnets, and an old bike frame and gears would complete the generator. It was also possible to use running water instead of wind to spin the turbine and generate electricity.

The three Transition Year students have already established links with a charity, Friends of Londiani, which tries to help developing communities to help themselves. The charity will help bring the students’ designs to these communities and show them how to produce their own low-cost electricity. For winning the best group project, the trio will receive a BT perpetual trophy and a cheque for €2,400.”

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