Transition Years take tour of Cork Harbour

17th and 18th October

Over the course of two days Transition Year students took to the sea for a tour of Cork Harbour. We left the school at 9:15am to board `The Brain Jay` at Hugh Coveney Pier. Conditions to begin with were stormy but gradually the sea became calmer.

Our first stop was  Spike Island. The island appeared at first sight quite large. Our tour guide showed us around. He filled us in on all the historic facts about the island. Our only knowledge of the island was as a prison, so we were interested to find out that it had a much more varied history than that. It was also a monastic settlement and was in the hands of the British and Irish navel services during its history. One of its famous residents was Little Nellie who lived on the island with her parents. Today Spike Island is a tourist attraction open from May to September.

From Spike we headed for Cobh. Once we arrived, we took a half hour break to look around Cobh and have our lunch. After that we went to the Heritage Centre and we took a tour of `The Queenstown Experience` where we got sheets to work on. We saw plastic mannequins recreating what it was like to live on these ships in horrible conditions. Once  we finished the tour we then had a 10 minute break for a little lunch. After that we waited for the boat to come and take us home.

On the way home from Cobh, we experienced rocky seas and the boat kept swaying left and right,up and down. Everyone outside the boat got drenched from the rain. We all had a great time there and will hopefully go again!.

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