Potato pickers pick for Penny Dinners

November 12th

Transition Year students took to the fields today to pick potatoes to be donated to charity.

Local farmer, Frank Thompson contacted the school last week, informing us that many drills of potatoes had remained unpicked in his farm due to the wet summer and the inability of machinery to access certain drills. He suggested that Transition Year students would help to pick some bags which could be donated to charity.

Thirty two TY students volunteered and off they went, pikes and buckets in hand to unearth the awaiting tubers. Despite the mucky conditions, picking was swift and soon loads were being transferred to the yard for washing. Bagging followed. Twenty five 40kg bags were loaded onto the trailer.

Frank Thompson delivered the bags to Cork Penny Dinners on Little Hanover Street. The centre which gave out 1400 dinners last week accepted the potatoes with open arms and will put them to good use.

A special thanks to Frank Thompson for all his help in what was an enjoyable experience for a worthy cause.

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