1916 Rising Commemorative Exhibition

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As part of the 1916 commemorations we present an exhibition that captures the spirit and dreams as well as the tragedies of the rebellion. We tell the story of those that planned, fought and died in the Rising, including the 40 children who were killed during the fateful week. We also focus on the role played by women who not only fought alongside the men but who were nurses, snipers, couriers and spies. The role played by the gun running ship ‘Aud’ also features with some of her ill-fated cargo on display as well as a short video of her wreck on the sea bed of Cork harbour. Naturally, the Proclamation features prominently in the exhibition, and we have also written our own Proclamation for a modern Ireland which is also on display. Our fellow Transition Year students have provided the magnificent art work which completely enhances the exhibition. As well as parents and family, the exhibition has been viewed by Simon Coveney TD and the Cork History Teachers Association. More details of the exhibition can be found on their website on the following link

The exhibition remains open both to the public and the school until March 15th when it will close in conjunction with our Proclamation Day ceremony.

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