First years go to Cork on Ice with Meitheal team

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On the 21st of January, first years travelled to Cork on Ice with the Meitheal Team. They went in two groups, 1A and 1C in the morning and 1B and 1D in the afternoon.  The idea of the trip was to get first years out of the classroom, to have fun and to chat with people outside of their class.

Meitheal is a youth leadership programme, enabling students to get involved in the school community, focusing especially on helping first years integrate into the school. This is the first year our school has participated in the Meitheal programme. Our team received a four day training course during transition year which prepared us to become the Meitheal Team for the following year, while we are in fifth year. The Meitheal Team has organised many events and activities for the first years including Ice-Breakers, a quiz, an anti-bulling workshop, a study tips workshop and our most recent event, taking the first years Ice Skating.






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