TY Dublin Art Appreciation Trip

On Friday 15 th and Fri 22 nd April two groups of transition year students visited Dublin on an art

appreciation based day trip. Students visited the National Gallery, viewing works by artists such as

Caravaggio, Monet, Van Gogh and Picasso and the Irish masters Jack Butler Yeats and William Leech.

Students visited The National Museum of Archaeology Ireland to view such beautiful artefacts as the

Ardagh Chalice, Tara Brooch, Broighter hoard and the bog bodies exhibit. This building holds the

largest collection of Bronze Age gold artefacts in Europe, a beautiful insight into our rich history. In

addition, the art students visited the GPO for their ‘Witness History’ exhibition, taking the

opportunity to visit the GPO approximately 100 years to the week since the 1916 rising. Art History

and appreciation of gallery and museum spaces were the trips main focus. An extremely enjoyable

day was had by all.


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