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Wellbeing week October 8th-12th 2018

Well-being week will take place from October 8th-12th 2018. The schedule for the week will follow.

This form is form TY students interested in helping out in the week.


Culture week in Coláiste Muire 2018

Culture week will take place in Coláiste Muire next week from 18th-21st September.



Tuesday 18th of September

German quote- intercom
2nd Year French Breakfast

4B African Drumming 9:30-10:30

1B & 1C African Drumming 11:00 – 12:00
1A African drumming 12:00 – 1:00


Wednesday 19th of September

Spanish quote – intercom
L.C. Art students Glucksman guided tour  9:25 – 12:20
Transition Year Cinema to see Irish Film “Black 47.” 11:00 – 3:35


Thursday 20th of September

Italian quote – intercom

Screening of “Loving Vincent” for 5th Years. 8:45 – 10:45 Assembly Hall.


Friday 21st of September

Nigerian quote – Intercom

Fundraiser for Zambia School’s Project – (Get official title from Eleanor) No Uniform day. Students to wear either colours of another country or sports jersey of another country/county.

World music to be played over the intercom at break time
1A & 1B (1/2) Cultural Dance Workshop 11:00 – 12:00
1B (1/2) & 1C Cultural Dance Workshop 12:00 – 1:00

Coláiste Muire Twitter

We are delighted to announce that we now have an official school Twitter account. We will be posting information and events relevant to our school. You can follow the page @colmuirechaven

or follow the link at Colaiste Muire Twitter Page

Biopharma visit

Science week in Coláiste Muire

Next week is Science Week. We are celebrating it with a range of activities.

On Monday all TY students will attend coding workshops in the school.

On Tuesday there will be a science treasure hunt for First Years.

Second Years will take part in a paper plane flying competition which will be held during science and PE classes throughout the week.

There will be science movies, factory visits and a science photography competition throughout the week which will involve most of the rest of the students.

Ukulele night in aid of the Hope Foundation

A great night guaranteed in support of Transition students, Grace Murphy and Shauna Duane in their fundraising efforts to go to Kolkatta (calcutta) to help and assist with the HOPE FOUNDATION

TICKETS on sale in Centra Crosshaven or call 085 850 1483

After-school programme for First Year students 2017/18

First year students have been participating in an After-school programme which combines extra-curricular activities with supervised study.

Teachers, with the assistance of Transition Year students have put  the programme together. Over 50% of students have taken part in the programme so far. See the schedule and FAQs below.


Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
Session 1  (3.35-4.45) Basketball (girls) Film club GAA (girls) Yoga (mixed)
Soccer (boys) Computers/Robotics Basketball (boys) Rugby (boys)
Supervised study Supervised study Supervised study Supervised study
Session 2 (5.00 – 6.00) Supervised study Supervised study Supervised study Supervised study


What are the benefits for students?

What happens each day?

What are the costs of the programme?

Can a student sign up on a part-time basis?



First Year team-building tour

Wednesday 20th September

First Year students defied the weather conditions today in West Cork Secret Activity Centre. 

The activity was part of their induction programme in Coláiste Muire.

After-school programme for First Year students

Please fill out the following form if you are interested in taking part in the After-school programme for First Year students. Please click here for the Powerpoint for parents

Health Promotion week 2017


Health Promotion week took place in Coláiste Muire from Monday 15th to Friday 19th May. Here are some of the highlights


  • First year students went on a fun walk
  • Transition Year students attended a presentation themed” Your Health Your Choice” by the Maire Keating foundation. The key areas of the talk were giving up smoking, eating a healthy diet and maintaining a healthy weight, exercise, avoiding exposure to the sun and sunbeds, reducing alcohol consumption
  • Healthy breakfasts in the morning for staff and students
  • Beat the Blues talk for fifth year students dealing with issues relating to Good Mental Health
  • Internet Safety Talk for all First Year and Second Year students
  • Second Year Tour based on Water sports theme – all day
  • Wheelchair Basketball Tournament between students and teachers
  • Visit from students from Cope whom will be hosted by a selection of Transition  year students.
  • Fourth, Fifth and Sixth Year students attended a talk from Caroline Crotty Psychotherapist and John Lonergan former governor of Mount Joy Prison.
  • A talk was organised for Parents from on Issues relating to Parenting delivered by Caroline Crotty and John Lonergan
  • Health & Fitness  –  Fun Gym Session for junior students
  • Future is Food “ Food Fair “ hosted by Fourth Year students .All profits went to “Save Our Spire” Campaign