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Garda vetting for Transition Year and LCVP

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Garda Vetting for Transition Year and LCVP students

Transition Year and LCVP students may obtain work experience placements at organisations where Garda Vetting is required.

The following are workplaces where you will most likely need to be Garda vetted to work there:

Primary Schools
Pre-schools (Creche)
Elderly’s Home
Paediatric Wards in Hospitals
Any club where you’re supervising/training children
Certain Volunteer Work

Students can be Garda Vetted through an online process or paper application.

Being Garda Vetted just means that you eligible and responsible enough to take full responsibility of children and vulnerable people.
When a student is  arranging work experience with an employer, the employer should supply you with forms relevant to their organisation.

Here is the official website for The National Vetting Bureau.

Mini-Company Trade Fair

On the Friday 18th of November, Crosshaven Colaiste Muire Transition Year Students had a mini-company trade fair. The fair started at  11.30, and continued for the most of the day.

The fair was used to help promote the different mini-companies products and ideas to the schools students and teachers. We were also very lucky to have a few special guests come to judge the products.

The fair was a great success, allowing the mini-companies to promote their products, and allow the customers to pre-order  or in some cases buy the product.

Below there will be a list of the mini-companies, there picture and link to their website.

“The Letter Makers”

“Fun Balls”


“Hey Christmas Crafters”

“Pick ‘N’ Mix”

“Mighty Midgets”


“Crosshaven Calendars” –

“Timber Things” –