Senior Footballers draw in Championship first round

Senior Footballers draw in Championship first round
Coláiste Muire 1-7, Coláiste Daibhéad 1-7
Coláiste Daibhead opened the scoring with points from play however the seniors quickly counter-attacked but were unable to find the back of the net despite their best efforts. Colm O’Reilly was the first to get his name on the score sheet with a point. Coláiste Daibhead added to their tally with two more points. Coláiste Muire had a chance to go ahead with a foul on Donnachadh Desmond but Johnathan O’Regan hit the crossbar and the ball was soon cleared. Coláiste Daibhead found the net, but this did not dampen Coláiste Muire’s spirits as they continued to test their opponents. The score at half time was Coláiste Daibhead 1-7 Cólaiste Muire 0-1.

The halftime score and lashing rain didn’t bother the lads as they came back on to the pitch with a positive attitude. Points from Darragh Kiely and O’Reilly early on in the second half proved that the Crosshaven side were still in the game. The ball traveled into Coláiste Muire’s back line twice in the second half but with blocks from Fionn Murphy denied Coláiste Daibhead a scoring opportunity. The likes of Kiely , Tim Marron, and Adam Kent in midfield proved a massive threat and great assets to this young side. A superb goal from O’Regan gave his teammates that extra bit of encouragement to drive on and a late point from O’Reilly gave Coláiste Muire the equaliser in what was a thrilling second half from a Coláiste Muire perspective.

Team: M. Condon, D.Barry, F. Murphy, D. Thomas, S. Kidney, D. Kiely, T. Marron , A. Kent, T. Rooney, L. Walsh, J.Fahy, J. O’Regan, D. Desmond, K. Lyons, C. O’Reilly, P. Kelly, J. Lane, J.Cox, S. Dolan, S. Deaudet, K. Murphy, S. Lyons

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