History of Colaiste Muire

The beginning of Presentation education in Crosshaven is closely linked with the foundation of the convent on November 28th 1876. The Presentation Sisters opened its first National School in 1891 and from that point on the seeds of Secondary education were sown as parents asked the Sisters to educate their children. From the early 1900’s a “Secondary Top” to the convent National School was recognised by the Department of Education and Intermediate and Kings Scholarship exams were taken. In 1948 the “Secondary Top” became a fully-fledged Secondary school under the title Colaiste Muire, Realt na Mara. The school motto adopted being ‘Respice Stellam Voca Mariam’ – look to the star, call upon Mary. The students were taught by seven Presentation Sisters and one lay person. In 1952 due to the need for extra classrooms, a top floor was built onto the Colaiste Muire block. Colaiste Muire was an all-girls school until September 1969 when it became co-educational. 18 boys enrolled that year. An extension was added in 1970 to facilitate special subjects such as woodwork, technical drawing, sciences, languages and music. In 1975 a new Primary school was built allowing the Secondary school to move into their rooms. In 1981 a fine sports complex was built, bringing new life to the school and the local community. In 1998 the winds of change brought about another transition when in June of that year, the boarding school was finally phased out. Also in September of that year Mr Donal O Brien became the first lay Principal. In 2008 another ambitious extension was added to Colaiste Muire further enhancing its impressive facilities. September 2013 saw the school extend into the old boarding school, breathing life back into an area that had once been crucial to the expansion of the school. Today, Colaiste Muire fosters the spirit of Nano Nagle and we promise to carry on a fine tradition of excellence, started by the Presentation Sisters, into the years to come.